How To: Reset Safari

Safari 6/7 (Mavericks): Reset Safari

Reset Safari to prevent other users of your computer from seeing information about how you used Safari. You can also reset to try to solve problems with opening webpages.

Warning: When you reset Safari, it deletes the browsing history it stored for you, but doesn’t delete the browsing history stored by some plug-ins you may have installed.

  1. Choose Safari > Reset Safari.
  2. Deselect items you don’t want to reset:
    Option Description
    Clear history: Clears the list of webpages you viewed, empties caches, removes website icons, and clears the list of recent searches. Also clears managed website settings for all plug-ins with websites set to Block Always.


    Website icons, also called favicons, appear in the search and address field and other places.

    You see your recent searches by clicking the magnifying glass at the left end of the search and address field when it’s empty.

    Reset Top Sites: Clears changes you made to Top Sites, such as adding or pinning sites. If you also clear your history, your Top Sites page reverts to the webpage previews displayed when you first installed Safari.
    Reset all location warnings: Removes information that websites saved about your location.
    Reset all website notification warnings: Removes the record of websites that you allowed or denied permission to post Notification Center alerts. This option is shown in OS X v10.8 or later.
    Remove all website data: Removes cookies, tracking information, and other data that websites stored on your computer. Also clears all managed website settings for plug-ins.
    Clear the Downloads window: Clears the list of files you downloaded in Safari. The files remain on your computer until you delete them.
    Close all Safari windows: Closes all windows thereby preventing another user from viewing webpages you visited.
  3. Click Reset.

  1. Penny French
    24 April, 2015

    pop up are are obviously then not from Safari. This happens when students have downloaded apps that have now been removed through our additional security features. Please look at the other Knowledgebase article regarding pop-ups for further help. If problem still persists, bring the device to the Help Desk for it to be re-imaged.

  2. Julia Castellano
    23 April, 2015

    It did not work the message is still popping up even more often now.