How To: Install Software from FileWave Kiosk

How To Install Software from Filewave

FileWave is a utility used by ISS to house updates and apps available for download and installation on staff and student MacBooks. It is a queued system that will appear in the top menu of each user's MacBook.

  1. FileWave can be found at the top of the MacBook screen on the menu bar in the form of a red wave icon.06689c2fc2e2.jpg
    ** NOTE ** Filewave is a queued system dependent on network activity so it will not always appear. It

    is impacted by high network traffic times such as Monday Mornings, Start of each school Day, etc., so please be patient and wait for it. Technology is not able to make it appear on demand.

  2. To open File Wave, click once on the red icon and you will get a drop down menu.
  3. Click on install software and a menu will pop up that says FileWave Kiosk. On this menu is Adobe Flash, Java and various other applications available to students.
  4. To install an app or update, click on the Install button next to the program name.

    If you do not see the software you are looking for, Be sure to click on ALL in the menu to the left of the software list to see ALL software available for installation.

  5. If prompted to close programs so that installation can begin, click the Quit All button then click the Start Installation button. 
  6. Wait for the installation process to complete.
  7. If you need to Uninstall an app installed from FileWave, simply click the UNINSTALL button. If that is not available, right click or two finger click on the install button and then select Install, Uninstall or Reinstall from the drop down menu.