How to: Replace a Lost, Stolen or Damaged Charger

Lost or Damaged Charger

  1. Report to your BLC, IF, or Admin to complete a Loss/Damage Report - (Use form
  2. School fills out Loss/Damage report.
  3. Original is kept at school
  4. A copy is given to student and technician
  5. A Receipt for payment or bill for a new charger is given to student/user
  6. Person who completes form will submit a Work Order requesting replacement to Tech
    • A copy of the following is given to Tech so they can pickup and deliver a new charger to user
      1. Copy of Loss/Damage Report
      2. Copy of Bill or payment Receipt - all bills must be signed by student/parent or user requesting replacement.
      3. Copy of the Work Order
    • A Replacement Charger will not be given to the Tech unless all this documentation is turned in with the request
  7. Damaged charger is collected and given to the technician
  8. Technician assess damage and lets school admin know if damage is potentially user or warranty and approximate cost
  9. School Admin notifies student of repair/replacement cost and collects from Student 
  10. School Admin notifies student of repair cost and collects
  11. CFO will transfer funds quareterly into repair account  - 8.5110.015.422
  12. Payment is made by student/school/district as appropriate
  13. Once payment is made for replacement, technician will obtain a replacement charger for student
  14. There are no loaner chargers for students to use.  If they have not way to charge their computer, they will have to leave it in the Media Center to charge until replacement cost is paid.