How To: Submit a Technology Work Order - Students

ALL Requests for Technology assistance must now come through our work order system so they can be tracked.  Please do not send an email requesting assistance with your computer as we do have a working process in place.  

Here are the directions for students to submit a work order:

  1. Go to,us main web page

  2. Go to Departments > Technology

  3. On that page click the link "Teacher link to submit work order" in the bottom left of the screen

  4. Enter your I-SS email address then click continue

  5. Enter your Computer Password to access the system

  6. Choose your location if it is not already done for you

  1. Fill in First and Last name (phone # not necessary)

  2. Choose the "Help Desk" Class for the problem you are experiencing.

  3. Include the following information in this order in the subject: School, Your Name, Computer Number from bottom of MacBook and a Brief description of the problem.

  4. Then include as much detail to help the technician understand what is happening (or not happening) with your device or software. The more specific the better as this will make it easier to determine the problem and resolve it. You can attach any files or screen you think would be necessary.

  5. You may also want to include your class schedule so that the technician can call you out of class to fix the iss if necessary. We are trying to do most software fixes over the Network, so you will not have to leave class.

  6. Then click Create Ticket

  7. You will be given a work order number and receive a verification email.

Following this process will ensure your requests are seen by the Technician and can be completed in a timely manner.  This will also allow you to receive updates and notifications of work performed on your requests!

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    29 March, 2016

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