I-SS Damaged/Lost/Stolen Laptop Process

  1. Report Lost/Stolen immediately to CTO via email or work order - include Student ID, Name and Device Asset Number
  2. Student Reports damage/loss - (Use form https://docs.google.com/a/iss.k12.nc.us/file/d/0B-NrbdbYBnpAcWg5R0FMVk5UUnM/edit)
  3. School fills out Loss/Damage report
    1. Original is kept at school
    2. A copy is given to student and technician
  4. Damaged computer is collected and given to the technician
  5. Technician assess damage and lets school admin know if damage is potentially user or warranty and approximate cost
  6. School administration determines if student is issued day user laptop (If not warranty the student and the student is being issued a loaner must be day user until payment is determined)
    1. technician gives school loaner as available and appropriate
    2. School checks out to student
      1. Day user laptops--should be checked out and in daily in Destiny. School establishes the process and person responsible.
  7. Technician turns in for official assessment
  8. School Admin conducts investigation into damages
  9. School admin makes recommendation to Central Support about how much a student will pay for loss/damages (Note: email Chief Technology Officer)
  10. District reviews School admin decision for district consistency - CTO and Assistant Superintendent Operations
  11. Initial estimate of cost reported to school, final cost will be given after repair
  12. Repair takes place
  13. Bill is sent to school/district as appropriate - Bench Repair Analyst
  14. School Admin notifies student of repair cost and collects
  15. If student is responsible for loss/damages school communicates and collects from students 
  16. Collected money goes into school funds account 7.6 with a reference to the statement # in the description field.
  17. CFO will transfer funds quareterly into repair account  - 8.5110.015.422
  18. Payment is made by student/school/district as appropriate
  19. Laptop is returned to student

Printable form can be accessed at https://docs.google.com/a/iss.k12.nc.us/file/d/0B-NrbdbYBnpAcWg5R0FMVk5UUnM/edit