Laptop/iPad charging carts

Laptop/iPad Charging Carts

Carts have two charging rows:
  • If devices are not charging, make sure all plugs are securely connected inside the cart. (Ipad charging cart has three separate areas that you will need to check)
  • Make sure the correct cord is plugged into the wall outlet. The other cord is a peripheral plug for printers, etc.
  • Make sure all power buttons are in the ON position.
  • Older carts charge on a cycle by row.  15 -20 minutes top row, then 15-20 minute bottom row. 
  • If cart does not charge and/or you see sparks, have maintenance replace the end of the plug for more power. 
For more information, please click on the link below for ipad or laptop

Bretford iPad Cart

Laptop Charging Cart