How To: Fix Canvas Content not Displaying Properly

Canvas Content Not Displaying Properly

Sometimes, since Canvas is secure (https), any content included on a Canvas page that is unsecure (http) will not display unless the user makes a specific security exception.  Follow the steps below to rectify this issue.


To Fix the Problem in Google Chrome:

If you visit a page in your Canvas course that is linked to unsecure content, Chrome will display a shield icon in the browser address bar (top right of screen). You may choose to override the security restriction and display the content by clicking the shield icon and then clicking the Load unsafe script button.

Instructors - How to prevent this issue:

1.  Embedded videos

·         Both Vimeo and YouTube support https. Change the url from http to https and it will work.

· does not support https. Put a link to the screencast video on a Canvas page (or assignment/discussion) and NOT use an iframe include or a link from modules. This way, the video opens in a new window/tab.

·         Any video stored in the course files or the built in Canvas Kaltura video storage will avoid this issue.

2.  Images

·         Storing an image in the course itself should be the preferred procedure as long as the copyright allows this.

·         Don’t forget to use ALT tags for ADA compliance.

3.  Links to sites

·         DO NOT link to http sites in the Module view. Instead, create a page and link to the site from that page (so it opens in a new window/tab). Link to a website in Modules is placed in a frame in Canvas. This frame may not display properly because of the mixed content issue.

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