Black or Blank Screen on MacBook

Black Screen on Macbook or Screen not Visible

  1. Check the apple on the top of the computer or back of screen to determine if the computer is on or off.
  2. If the computer is off:
    1. Plug in your device. Notice the color of the dot on the power cord, a green dot means that the computer is charged.  while a red dot means that the computer battery is low. If the dot is red, wait 5 minutes, then try to turn on the machine. If the dot is green, go to the help desk.  
  3. If the computer is on:
    1. Check the screen brightness by pressing the F2 key repeatedly.
    2. Try to move your mouse to see if you can see the mouse cursor. If you can see the mouse or cursor, wait a few moments for the screen to return.
    3. Tap the power button to check if the computer is asleep.
    4. Force the computer to shut down using the power button. 
  4. If screen black, but you can see the mouse or cursor, then wait a few minutes for program to load and clear.
  5. Click on the Apple in your top menu bar and select Force Quit or press the Command-Option-Esc buttons
    1. Click on the application that says not responding and press the Force Quit button
    2. Log off and restart your computer 
  6. If the screen is still black for more than 3 minutes and the Force Quit Menu will not open, go through the Force Shut Down process. 
    1. Hold down the power button for 5 seconds to force the computer to turn off.  Important: You may lose unsaved documents if you force the computer to turn off this way. Use this method of turning off your Mac only if it has become unresponsive for an extended period of time. Normally you should shut down the computer by selecting Shut Down from the Apple menu.
  7. If apps are running, but are very faint. press the f1 (lower brightness) all the way down and then back up again with f2 to see if your screen will come up as normal.  You may to repeat several times for it to take.
  8. Change the following in system preferences:
    1. Apple button (top left corner)
    2. System preferences
    3. Hardware > Energy Saver
    4. Untick everything under the "Power Adapter tab"
    5. Put the Computer sleep and Display sleep to "Never" by moving the time slider to the right
    6. Do the same thing for the "Battery" tab
  9. Last: If the computer will not turn on or the screen continues to stay black after shut down, go to the Help Desk.