How To: Fix SmartBoard Randomly loses interactivity

Troubleshooting your SMART Board 600 series
Published Date : 18 Oct 2005   Last Updated : 18 Nov 2013   Content Ref: TEC220215  


This article refers to the 600 series of SMART Board.
For details on the 500 series, please see TEC487757 in Other Useful Articles section below.

If the SMART Board does not appear to work, you should run through these simple checks.

You may see the following symptoms: 

  • Moving your finger on the board does not move the cursor. 
  • The SMART Board pens do not work. 
  • The computer does not detect the SMART Board. 
  • There is a steady red light on the SMART Board.
  • Orientation/calibration issue


  • The SMART Board may not be connected to the correct computer.
  • The SMART Board was connected to the computer after the computer started up.
  • The SMART Board software is not installed on the computer.
  • The 'Found New Hardware' wizard failed to detect the SMART Board.


The SMART Board software must be installed on the computer.


1. Check that the SMART Board is connected
    • Check that there is a USB A (rectangular shaped) to the USB B (house shaped) cable connected between the PC/Notebook and the SMART Board.
    • Check that the USB A to the USB B cable is connected from the PC/Notebook into the faceplate on the wall and there is a USB B cable connected into the SMART Board coming from the trunked cabling on the wall.

    2. Check the SMART Board ready light
    • Whilst booting up the computer, the ready light (located on the bottom-right corner of the board) flashes between redand green
    • Once fully powered, a steady green light indicates the board is fully functional, and both hardware and software are fully installed and integrated. 
    • A steady red light indicates the board is receiving power, but is not fully functional. 
      • The Smart Board software may not be installed.

    3. Check that the SMART Board software is installed
    • You should check that the SMART Board software is installed if the SMART Board ready light remains red after rebooting the computer. 
    • When the SMART Board software is installed, you should see the SMART Board icon in the notification area in the bottom-right corner of the screen, (see Fig 1 below). On Microsoft® Windows® XP you may need to click  'Show hidden icons' button to be sure the icon is not hidden. 
    • If you do not see the SMART Board icon in the notification area, click Start, All Programs and look for SMART Board Software. 
    • If you do not see the SMART Board Software in the Start menu, go to the Control Panel and click 'Add or Remove Programs' and look for an entry for SMART Board Software. 
    • If you do not see an entry for SMART Board Software, you should install or re-install the SMART Board software. See the links in the Other Useful Articles section at the end of this document.
    SMART Board icon when the board has been detected
      Fig 1. SMART Board icon when the board has been detected

    4. Reset SMART Board

    On the control panel of the SMART Board where the power light is, there is an indented blue reset button. If there is no interactivity, using the tip of one of the SMART Board pens, hold the reset button in for a few seconds until the board beeps. This will reset the board.

     Reset button location
      Fig 2. Reset button location (The view from above) 

    Reset button location
      Fig 3. Reset button location (side view)

    5. SMART Board pens do not work

    If the pens do not work and the lights on the pen tray do not work accurately, you can swap the socket that the pen tray cable connects to.

    There is a cable that comes from the SMART Board control panel box (see Fig 4), that connects into the pen tray which looks similar to a telephone cable. There are two possible sockets on the pen tray that this cable can connect into.

    Pen tray cable connection location
      Fig 4. Pen tray cable connection location

    If the pen tray does not work in the first socket, remove it from this socket on the pen tray, and put it into the second socket on the pen tray. The two sockets are next to each other (see Fig 5).

    Sockets 1 and 2
      Fig 5. Sockets 1 and 2

    Orientation/calibration issue
    • Please ensure that the firmware of the board is updated to the latest version. Refer to Board_Orientation_2011.pdf in the Download section below.
    • Please ensure you have the very latest version of the Smart Notebook software and driver. For more information refer to the following link:  
    • Please go through the Board orientation document (Upgrading_Firmware_with_NoteBook.doc) in the Download section below.
    • For using Smartboard diagnostics refer to Using_Smart_Board_Diagnostics.pdf in the Download section below.

    Further troubleshooting steps
    • Where possible, substitute the USB cable between the computer and the board or the computer and the faceplate (depending on your setup) with a known working cable or test the cable with another equipment. 
    • The SMART Board software provides an audit log to assist in diagnosing faults. To view the service log, follow the steps below: 
      1. Right-click the SMART Board icon and select Control Panel. The SMART Board control panel will open. 
      2. Click the icon 'About Software and Product Support'. 
      3. Click the icon Diagnostics. 
      4. View the log file and save a copy for reference.

    More Information

    These suggestions are not extensive and may not resolve your issue. If after completing them you still encounter issues, please contact Steljes who support the Smartboards. For contacting Steljes, please refer to TEC389600 in the Other Useful Articles section.