Macbook computer Startup Tones

About Mac computer startup tones

Learn about the different sounds your computer makes when it starts up and what they mean.

Mac computers can produce several sounds when starting up. Your Mac should produce the familiar single tone on start up. If you hear one of these tones, it might mean there's a problem with your computer:

  • 1 tone, repeating every 5 seconds: This indicates no RAM is installed.
  • 3 successive tones, a 5 second pause (repeating): This indicates RAM does not pass a data integrity check.
  • 1 long tone while holding down the power button: Indicates an EFI ROM update is in progress on a computer manufactured before 2012.
  • 3 long tones, 3 short tones, 3 long tones: Indicates EFI ROM corruption is detected and the computer is in EFI ROM recovery mode.