How To: Fix Adobe Reader Errors or Problems

Adobe Reader Issues

  1. Inside Safari:
    1. Black Screen with Grey Box = Reader has updated and you need to ope Adobe Reader App agree to their terms. 
  2. Inside Chrome:
    1. Make Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader your default PDF viewer in Chrome
      1. Enter chrome://plugins into your address bar.
      2. Scroll down to either Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader. (You'll only see them if you have them installed.)
      3. Click the Enable link.
      4. Troubleshoot
    2. Still Having Problems opening Adobe Files in Chrome?
      1. Check if it is specific to Chrome
        1. Try opening PDFs in another browser on your computer, such as Firefox. If you experience similar problems viewing PDFs in another browser, the issue is likely not related to Chrome. Please visit the Adobe support site for additional help.
      2. Check for updates to Chrome, Adobe or Reader in Filewave
      3. Check your Adobe Reader and Acrobat Settings
        1. Follow the instructions below to confirm that either Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat is configured to display PDFs in the browser.
          1. Only one of the programs should be set to preview PDFs in the browser, not both.
          2. In either Adobe Acrobat or Reader, go to Edit > Preferences.
          3. Click Internet on the left.
          4. Select the "Preview PDF in browser" checkbox at the top (may also be called "Display PDF in browser").
          5. If the checkbox is already selected, you may have to deselect it, click OK, then access Preferences again to reselect it.
          6. Click OK.
          7. Follow the same steps in the other program, but make sure that the "Preview PDF in browser" checkbox is not selected.
        2. Repair your Adobe Reader or Acrobat Installation
          1. In Acrobat, go to Help > Repair Acrobat Installation. Similarly, in Adobe Reader, go to Help > Repair Adobe Reader Installation.
        3. Uninstall either Adobe reader or Adobe Acrobat and test to see if your files open
        4. Uninstall Adobe reader or Adobe Acrobat and then reinstall them and test to see if your files open