How To: Add, Change or Delete Auto Filled Fields in Safari (Yosemite)

Safari 8 (Yosemite): Automatically fill in forms (or change, delete auto filled fields)

Automatically fill in web forms using Safari

With AutoFill, Safari can automatically fill in your passwords, credit card information, contact information, and more. It can also generate a secure password when you need to create one. Safari highlights autofilled fields in yellow.

  • Change AutoFill settings:
    Choose Safari > Preferences, then click AutoFill.
    • Turn AutoFill on or off: Select each type of information you want Safari to fill in, and deselect the rest.

    • Change or delete autofill information: Click Edit for the type of information you want to change or delete. You can:

      • Edit your card in Contacts.

      • Remove the stored user name and password for one or more websites.

      • Add or remove stored credit cards.

      • Remove other stored form information.

  • Use AutoFill:
    In a web form, select a field and start typing. If the field contains the following kinds of information, Safari offers to automatically fill it in—or store it for next time:
    • password automatically the next time you need to sign in, so you don’t have to remember it or type it. Safari also fills in the password automatically on other devices you set up for iCloud Keychain.
    • User name and password: Safari fills in the fields using your stored information. If there is no stored information for this website, enter the user name and accept the password Safari generates as described above, or enter one. Then click Save Password when asked, so Safari can automatically provide the information next time. If you set up iCloud Keychain on your Mac and other devices, Safari automatically fills in saved user names and passwords on any of them.

    • Credit card: You can choose from a list of your stored credit cards that Safari can autofill, or you can choose to add or remove stored credit cards. Safari can autofill your credit card account name, number, and expiration date. For security, Safari doesn’t store the credit card security code. You must enter it manually each time you use the card on a website.

    • Other information: If Safari offers to autofill information from your contact card, click it, then click AutoFill. If you don’t want Safari to autofill your information, just keep typing.

Important:   Safari autofills your information for anyone who uses your Mac with your user login. It also autofills your information for anyone who uses your other devices, if those devices and your Mac have iCloud Keychain set up.

User names, passwords, and credit card information are encrypted in your OS X keychain. They’re also encrypted in your iCloud Keychain if it’s set up on your Mac.

If you remove credit card information or user names and passwords in Safari, they’re deleted from your OS X keychain. They’re also removed from your other devices if your Mac and other devices are set up for iCloud Keychain.

Last Modified: Nov 13, 2014