My MacBook Charger light keeps Blinking

If the light on your charger is blinking amber or green, try the following steps:

  • Inspect your charger cables for any kinks, breaks, bends or other damage.  If there is any damage, that is likely the cause of the issue.
  • Inspect the connections on the charger to ensure they are clean and that the pins are aligned.
  • Inspect the Charger port on your macbook to ensure the port is clean and that all pins are aligned
    • DO NOT use anything metallic to touch the pins on the end of the charger or on the macbook.
  • Do an SMC reset
  • Test to see if another charger works with your MacBook
If, after trying all of these steps, your charger light still blinks and you are unable to charge your macbook, then submit a workorder for a tech to come and take a look.