How To: Add Google Drive to your Finder SideBar

How to Add Google Drive to your Finder Sidebar:  First Time Startup of Google Drive

  1. Launch Google Drive, located at /Applications.
  2. You will be warned that Google Drive is an application you downloaded from the Internet. Click Open.
  3. You will be asked for your administrative password. Provide the information, and click OK.
  4. Enter your Google account information, and click the Sign In button.
  5. The Welcome to Google Drive window will open. You can choose to send crash reports and usage statistics to Google; place a check mark next to the box if you wish to do this. Click Next.
  6. By default, Google Drive will create its folder under your home directory. If you wish to change the location, click the Advanced Setup button. I recommend clicking the Advanced Setup button, even if you plan to store the Google Drive folder in your home directory. It's always a good idea to see what default settings an app uses, and what you can change.
  7. The location of the Google Drive folder will display. If you wish to change its location, click the Change button, browse to the target location, and click Open.
  8. You can select which folders within the Google Drive will sync automatically; by default, all files and folders sync automatically. I recommend leaving this setting as is, at least to start. You can always change the setting later using the Google Drive preferences.
  9. You can choose to have Google Docs sync automatically; once again, I recommend accepting the default setting.
  10. Finally, you can choose to have Google Drive automatically start every time your Mac starts up. I recommend accepting the default setting here, too.
  11. Make your selections and click the Start Sync button.
  12. Google Drive will start up. You will see a Google Drive folder added to the Finder sidebar, as well as a Google Drive item added to your Mac's menu bar.

That's it; Google Drive is now running. Try opening the Google Drive folder from theFinder sidebar; from here, you can add folders, add files, and move files and folders around.

Anything you place in the Google Drive folder will be available from the Google Drive web site, but to get the most out of the Google cloud service, install Google Drive on any Mac, PC, or mobile device with which you want to share documents and data. Just repeat the installation process described above for each device.