Pearson Gradpoint System Requirements

Client Specifications
These specifications are intended strictly as a guideline. They were developed in an environment free from network congestion, resource contention, and aggressive security measures. Consider the minimum requirements applicable only if your workstations use a minimally configured and supported browser, a minimally configured virus scanner, and only this Pearson application.

GradPoint is an entirely web-based application that only interacts with a browser. Any OS that can use the supported browsers is acceptable.

It needs at least the following:
  1. Screen resolution 1280 x 960 or greater recommended (lower resolutions may require scrolling)
  2. 128 MB graphics memory recommended • Any Creative Labs or 100% compatible sound card 
  3. Any headset (optional) 
And on of the Following Browsers Installed:
  1. Internet Explorer® 7.x, 8.x, 9.x, 10.x, or 11.x (native mode only)
  2. Mozilla Firefox® (all versions)
  3. Google Chrome® (all versions) 
  4. Safari® (all versions) • Java Script™ and Active X must be enabled in the browser 
  5. Adobe Flash® Player 10.x or higher 
  6. Adobe Shockwave® 10.x or higher 
  7. Adobe Reader® (latest version) • Arial Monospaced (True Type) font 
  8. Microsoft Office® or other application that can open .xls and .doc files 
  9. Local application that can open .zip file Mobile Devices Supported 
  10. Chromebook (all versions)
  11. iPad (all versions) o Puffin Academy application browser required  - No other browsers supported on iPad device
  1. If a student is having problems accessing or loading the web content, then do the following:
    1. Be sure all apps from Filewave have been installed and are up to date
    2. Reset Safari by opening safari and then clicking on Safari>Reset Safari from the menu
    3. Go to Safari>Preferences and Click on Privacy
    4. Under Block Cookies and other Website data, set to never.
    5. Clear files from the downloads in finder
    6. Empty trash
    7. Any unauthorized applications downloaded from the AppStore or a website may interfere with the operation of the browser allowing content to open.  High use of social or media apps, audio players, etc can cause problems and conflicts with memory use causing content to not load.  It is highly recommended that any social or media software other than what is natively installed on the system be removed for optimal performance.

  1. Nona
    29 March, 2016

    What I find so insterteing is you could never find this anywhere else.

  2. Nona
    29 March, 2016

    What I find so insterteing is you could never find this anywhere else.