How To: Resolve issues when Gradebook Will not Launch

    1. Downloaded gradebook from powerschool website
    2. Log into powerschool as a teacher
    3. Click Gradebook
    4. Click the Installer link under the "new gradebook Launch" section to download the gradebook installer
    5. Once installed, click the "launch button" in the same area as the gradebook installer to download the "launchgradebook.ptg" file
    6. Click the "launchgradebook.ptg" file - Gradebook should now open.
    7. If it flashes and tries to open, but shows a java message
    8. Reinstall Java from filewave
    9. While on mac desktop, held in "option" on keyboard and click "go" at the top of the screen in the file menu.
    10. Choose "library"
    11. Navigate to the "Caches" folder 
    12. Navigate to the "Pearson" folder
    13. Delete the 2.8.x.x folder(s) that might exist in the Pearson Folder.  You may see a blue progress bar within the gradebook launcher showing that it is recreating those folders you delete in step 5, but gradebook should now launch.