Help Desk: New Process for Accessing PowerSchool

If you have not claimed your IAM account - do it now! 

You will need your 10 digit UID number. Click on Claim My Account. Please read and follow directions carefully.

You will create your own password - remember it!

How to login to PowerSchool (New this year)
From the ISS or School webpage > click on the PowerSchool link,  you will be redirected to the new login screen.
username - is your 10 digit UID
password - the one you created
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Please note if you get "Your sign on could not be processed by PowerSchool."   You cannot access PowerSchool (or PowerTeacher) at this time because it has not been turned on for your school yet. There are lots of changes going on behind the scenes with roster changes daily. It is anticipated that your access will be turned on by Aug 14. Please be patient.

Once you login you will click on the program you want to open. The icon for PowerSchool may be called PowerTeacher. 
Secondary teachers - here's your Canvas link!
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If you experience problems, you may call the Help Desk at  
 or submit a WorkOrder