How To: Upload a World to the World Library in Minecraft

Uploading a World to the World Library

This guide gives you step-by-step instructions how to upload your Worlds to World Library.

REMINDER: To upload worlds, you must be using MinecraftEdu 1.6.4 build 7 or later.

Step 1 - Gather your files to streamline the upload process

This is what your World page will look like.

The things you will need:

  • (Required) Your world folder in a .zip format. Follow these steps to create a .zip file:
    • Open the MinecraftEdu Launcher
    • Click "Start MinecraftEdu Server Launcher"
    • Click on "Select Saved World"
    • Select the world to export and click on "Export to zip".
    • You now have your world file zipped and ready to upload.
    • Your zipped worlds can be found in the following directory: \minecraftedu\servertool\worlds\exports
  • (Optional) Any non-mandatory files you may want to included such as directions, worksheets, or maps. These files are best uploaded as PDF files.
  • (Optional) Screenshots of your map that allow the viewer a sneak peak into the world you have created.
    • Enter your world and take some screenshots using the F2 button. You may wish to turn off the UI before taking screenshots using the F1 button. Your screenshots can be found in the following directory: \minecraftedu\minecraft\screenshots

Step 2 - Filling in required fields

The Submission form to World Library

Once you're logged in, select "Upload World" from top panel. This opens a form that you use to submit your world. Below are things you will be

asked to submit.

  • World Name
    • This is the title that will show up in the World Library.
  • Summary
    • This is a brief explanation of your map. It is limited to 250 characters.
  • Description
    • Any information a user would need to know about your map. Lesson walkthrough, curricular standards, teacher notes, gameplay settings, etc.
  • Tags (Subject Area)
    • Select all that would represent your map. Hold the CTRL or COMMAND key down and select multiple tags.
  • Topic (Specific Focus)
    • This is the specific focus of the map. Separate different topics with comma. For ex. decimals, cell biology, ancient rome.
  • Age Level
    • Enter the age range in years best suited to use this map. For ex. 8-10 or 14-17.
  • MinecraftEdu Version
    • Select The minimum required version.
  • Authors
    • Give credit to the map makers
  • World File
    • This is the world folder zip file you made earlier.
    • NOTE: Presently, if you make changes to the map and want to upload a new version, keep the same name. Use the World Version section to change the version number.
  • External World Download Link
    • Use this if you have your map hosted somewhere online already. If you use this, you do not need to upload the world zip file.
  • Additional Material
    • Lesson plans, teacher script, informational document, etc. These must be in txt, doc, rtf, or pdf formtat.
  • Screenshots
    • These are the images you took while in the map. These images should be ones that give the users a good idea what to expect in the map.
  • External Link
    • Use this to link to a YouTube or other website that has information on your map.
  • World Version
    • Use this to denote what version of your map.
  • Required Mods
    • These are mods that are hosted on the MinecraftEdu Servers. Select all that apply
  • Additional Required Mods
    • Please type in the exact name of the mod and version number
  • Optional Mods
    • Please type in the exact name of the mod and version number

Step 3 - Terms of Use

  • You must agree to these terms to complete the world template upload
  • Save the Upload