Troubleshooting for EOG, NCTest or SChoolnet Testing Issues

You will want to do these steps prior to test day:

Set Safari as the Default Browser:

  • From the Apple menu, choose System Preferences
  • Click General


  • Go to Default web browser and choose Safari


  • Next, you want to make sure the Safari History is clear so that it will not interfere with the testing:
    • Open Safari
    • Click Safari in the Menu
    • Select History
    • Select Clear All history

Then log back in through zscaler

Be sure all other apps are closed before launching the test icon.

REMEMBER: NCTest must be launched from Finder>Applications>Apps from ISS>NCTest

If NCTest still has issues, have the student log off their MacBook and log back in using one of the following Testing logins:

username: EOG

password: Test2019


username: Test_Student1

password: student1

If you have other issues, be sure to contact the Technology Help Desk at 704-761-8501.