I-SS Student AUP Form

Iredell-Statesville Schools Network/Internet Acceptable Use Policy Agreement for Students

This form is REQUIRED of all students who are new to the school building. This form MUST be returned signed by the student and the parent / guardian in order to use the Iredell-Statesville Schools network/Internet.

The activities that are not permitted include, but are not limited to the following:

▪ Cyberbullying

▪ Sending or displaying offensive communication or pictures

▪ Using obscene language

▪ Harassing, insulting or attacking others

▪ Violating copyright laws including failure to cite online sources

▪ Giving personal information, such as complete name, phone number, address or identifiable photo, without permission from teacher and parent/guardian

▪ Trespassing in the folders, work or files of the others

▪ Disabling or circumventing filtering/security software

▪ Using logins, user names, and/or passwords of other users

▪ Employing the network/Internet for commercial purposes, financial gain, fraud or illegal activities

▪ Damaging or modifying computers, computer systems or computer networks

▪ Use of personal equipment within the district

More detailed expectations are provided in the Requirements for Acceptable Use of the Iredell-Statesville Schools Network/Internet.

We understand that access to the Internet through the Iredell-Statesville Schools network is a privilege that is to be used for educational purposes. We have read and understand the Requirements for Acceptable Use of the Iredell- Statesville Schools Network/Internet and agree to abide by these requirements. We have discussed appropriate and inappropriate use of the network/Internet. We also understand that students will be provided instruction in digital citizenship.

We understand that any violation of these requirements is unethical and can result in disciplinary action up to and including suspension from school and/or appropriate legal action.

Since all files are on a public network and on equipment provided by the school district, we understand that these files are subject to examination and review at any time and no right of privacy exists.

Although Iredell-Statesville Schools provides Internet access that is constantly filtered and supervised, we understand that there are text and graphic files available on the Internet which are inappropriate for minors. We also understand that the student is ultimately responsible for his/her actions and the school system will not be held responsible for materials which the student might access.

Student Printed Name

Student Signature Date

Parent/Guardian Printed Name

Parent/Guardian Signature Date


Iredell-Statesville Schools Network/ Internet Acceptable Use Policy Agreement for Students June, 2001, Revised May, 2004, Revised May, 2010