How To: Get Help for Students - MacBook Help Desk Process

Student Help Desk Process

When students have issues with their MacBooks, they can obtain help during school hours by visiting their Help Desk.  The location of Help Desk is determined and communicated by each school.  The current location and schedule of school Help Desks can be found HERE.

If a student needs help when the Help Desk is closed, Please do the following BEFORE submitting a Work Order:

  1. The user should log off, and then restart their computer.  The majority of problems are resolved by doing this.
  2. When trying access online content such as openClass, the user may only be logged in using their I-SS School gmail account. If they are logged into a personal gmail account, openClass will not show as an option.
  3. User must verify that they are added to openClass by their teacher.
  4. Search the Work Order System Knowledgebase for steps to help resolve the issue.  The Knowledgebase may be accessed HERE.
  5. If there is still a problem after trying the steps above, a Teacher, Administrator, or Staff member may enter a work order to obtain help.  To do this, Go to the following link:
  6. Be sure to include the following information in the work order subject:
    • School
    • User Name/ID
    • MacBook Barcode
    • Brief Description of problem
  7. Set the Class as Help Desk
  8. Include the following information in the work order detail
    • A detailed description of the problem including screen shots or any error messages related to the problem - for example, Adobe Flash gives an error when trying to watch a video and write EXACTLY what the error message is.
    • Class schedule if it is for a student so they can be contacted.
    • Any Work Order that does not contain this information will be closed after 5 days.

A Technician, DLM, Tech Contact or other designee will review the work order to resolve the problem with the student.  In some cases, Technology can resolve issues by accessing the student MacBook over the network, as long as their MacBook is on and connected.  Other times, the student may be called out of class to work on the problem, so it is important to include their schedule/teacher information.

The student will be added to the work order with the requesting Teacher/Admin/Staff, so they will receive notification and status emails regarding resolution of the issue.