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Issues With Launching Gradebook

Gradebook is part of PowerSchool.  It launches a Java app. Users can login to PowerSchool [PowerTeacher] and launch Gradebook [from the main screen]. Not sure what shortcut they may have saved to their desktop. Perhaps they have bookmarked:
If they are authenticated through the IAM Service it should launch the app.  If they aren't authenticated, they will get redirected to get authenticated [IAM Service Login Screen] then brought back and can perform the [Gradebook] launch.
The user may have downloaded the PTG (PowerTeacher Gradebook?) program and installed it.  If they are not already logged in, when they run the shortcut they will get a message that reads:
They will need to login to PowerSchool, then click the launch button on the left hand side.
- Pearson Support

If you are using the old Gradebook launch - then note the following:

When you try the old launch and click on the .jnlp file , press control and click the app and let it give you the message that it is from an unknown source - then open up security in system preferences and it will ask you if you want to make an exception to the setting for that specific application.  Click allow, close prefs, then try to open app again and it should run.

  1. Penny French
    23 November, 2015

    You need to create a work order for this request - log into with your computer/google login information and provide your names, student ID, school etc so we may better assist you.

  2. Herith Mejia
    23 November, 2015