I-SS Technology Fee Information

Will all students receive laptops?
Yes, students in grades 6 – 12  receive laptops. There will be some exceptions, such as within limited EC classrooms, where the laptop would not be appropriate based on a student’s educational needs.

Will students be able to take the laptops home?
 Yes   There may be limited circumstances in which laptops may not go home with students, such as in our alternative schools.

What if parents do not want their student(s) to have a laptop?
All students are being issued devices as a learning requirement of our initiative in the same manner the district issues textbooks or other required curriculum or materials. Parents with special concerns should contact their school’s principal.

Will students receive a backpack to transport the device?
No.  The district no longer provides a backpack for students to carry their device.Students are required to have a backpack that provides adequate protection for their device.  Any damages from transporting a device to and from school will be the responsibility of the student.

What happens to laptops when students move to another school within the district?
The student laptop and accessories will be transferred with the student to their new school within I-SS with the exception of short-term placements at the alternative schools. If students are withdrawing from I-SS, the laptop and accessories will be collected by the school, prior to releasing the student for withdrawal.

Will parents pay a fee for their student(s) to use the device?
Yes, a $50 technology usage fee will be collected per student EACH school year.  Our district has utilized a technology usage fee program at CCTL for several years.

Will parents have to pay a fee prior to their student receiving their laptop?
Prior to students receiving a laptop, parents must do one of the following:
• Submit the Technology Usage Fee Form and pay the fee (online or in person)
• Submit the Technology Usage Fee Form, requesting a payment plan with the school
• Submit the Technology Usage Fee Form, requesting a hardship fee waiver

Can the district legally charge a technology usage fee?
Yes, state and local policies, such as NC GS 115c, allow districts to set fees. Typically, this has been student fees, athletic fees, parking fees, graduation/event fees, etc. These types of fees have been implemented in the past few years in several public school districts in NC.

What does the technology usage fee cover?
The technology usage fee will act as the district “self-insurance fund/pool” to assist with the sustainability of the devices. This includes limited accidental damages, upgrades, repairs, maintenance and any other district identified ongoing-costs to implement or support the device program. This does NOT cover intentional damage, neglect, abuse, improper care, loss or theft of the device.

What happens when students do not bring their devices to school or do not have them charged?
School staff will follow current procedures for students who come to school unprepared or do not follow expectations.

Will a police report be required if a laptop is lost or stolen?
Yes, if the theft/loss occurs on school property, administrators will follow current procedures and will notify parents. If the theft/ loss occurs off school property, the parent/guardian must contact local law enforcement, complete a police report and notify school staff within 24 hours.

What happens to the laptops when students go to PE classes?
Each school will have procedures for students, and advise them on securing laptops and backpacks for PE classes or athletic events.

Can parents purchase private insurance to cover damages, loss or theft of the laptop?
Homeowner policies do not typically cover property that the homeowner does not own (personal property).

Will students receive school-issued accounts or email?
Yes, the district will issue email and device accounts to students.

See the district website for more information. www.iss.k12.nc.us