How To: Fix a MacBook Stuck on Mute - No Sound

Fixing a MacBook Stuck on Mute

Option 1

  1. Check to see if a red LED shines out of the headphone jack: - the MacBook is stuck on digital optical out (that is, it thinks you have a fiber-optic line -- for high-fidelity output -- stuck in the laptop).

  2. Check to see if there appears to be a stuck sensor in the headphone jack and that, most of the time, sticking a toothpick or matchstick in the headphone jack (or blowing with compressed air) can get it to reset itself (NEVER stick anything metal into the jack!)

  3. Plug your headphones back in.

  4. Play a bit of sound through them (e.g., a song), then stop the sound.

  5. Launch Preferences and open the Sound pane.

  6. While the Sound pane is open and set to Headphones, pull out the headphone plug from the jack. It will reset itself to "Internal Speakers" and you are good to go

Option 2 (***ADMIN only***)

  1. Delete both files in YourHardDrive->Library->Preferences->Audio -> (both .plist files in this folder)



  2. Make sure to empty your trash.

  3. Reset PRAM

  4. Reset SMC

  5. Reboot

Still Not Working (***Admin/Tech/DLM Only***)
  1. Technician or Help Desk may reimage to reset operating system software settings.

  2. Transfer Work Order to Repair Bench have hardware tested and repaired if necessary.