How to: Enter Department Code for Printing to Toshiba Copier from Windows 10

In Windows 10, you now do not always see the pop up box to enter your department code, so you need to do enter it into your settings this way:

Open Printers and scanners (click on start and type printers and scanners)
  1. Right click on Toshiba copier
  2. Select Printer Properties
  3. Click Change Properties on General Tab (once it has been clicked it will disappear so if it is not there it is ok)
  4. Click Advanced Tab
  5. Click Printing Defaults
  6. Click Others Tab - Dept Code is close to bottom of screen-enter dept code in box and click apply

If you do not see those options, try the following once you have opened printers and scanners

  1. Click on Toshiba copier
  2. Click Manage
  3. Select Printer Properties
  4. Click on the ADVANCED tab
  5. In the Driver box, Set Printer driver - Toshiba V4 printer from the drop down
  6. Click on Printing Defaults button and The Toshiba V4 Printer Properties box should open - this does not look like a windows printer box
  7. Go to Others tab
  8. Enter Department code
  9. Click OK

This will need to be done for each copier you print to

Still not able to enter Department code?  Put in a workorder and the Help Desk can install the full copier printing software on your PC which should resolve your issue.