How To: Troubleshoot WIFI Issues

ISSUE:  Student device deployed fine - they were on wireless, but a few days later, they cannot connect to wireless - it just cycles and ends up with ! in wireless icon

RESOLUTION:  Check device in AD and in their properties/profile tab, make sure they are only in 1 vlan group.  If this is a new student or a newly deployed device cycled from a prior year senior, they may be in their new vlan and have been put in the senior vlan group.  Remove the vlan group they should not be in - usually vlan 40.

: When imaging, device will not load the wireless profile

RESOLUTION:  Check device in AD and right click on the device from the search.  Is the option to enable the device showing in the pop up menu?  If so, contact inventory group and have them re-enable the device because it has been placed in the disable/lost/stolen group for some reason.  If they do not remove it, when updates run each night, it will get disabled again.