How To: Make Google Drive your Default Documents Folder

How to make Google Drive your default documents folder

Change the default Documents folder to Google Drive. After doing so, device will automatically choose Google Drive as the default save location when creating new documents.


  1. Right-click your Documents folder and select Properties.

  2. Select "Include a folder..." and locate your Google Drive folder.

  3. Then highlight Google Drive in the list above, and select "Set save location."

  4. Apply changes. Next time you save a document in a program like Microsoft Word, Google Drive will be selected as the default save location.

    Mac OS
    1. Download Google Drive and install it
    2. Drag google drive into the Applications folder
    3. Open Finder - Google Drive location should appear at the end of the installation. if not - do the following:

    A) On the Finder menu, click "Finder", then click "Preferences"

    enter image description here

    B) Click the "Sidebar" icon, then choose the box next to your User

    enter image description here

    Then go into your various applications and set Drive as your default file location.