How To: Add a Network (IP) printer to your MacBook

Add the printer to your list of available printers: 

Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click Printers & Scanners.

Click Add IL_AddListItem_osx.png from the printer list, click IP Printer, then enter the printer information, using the following table as a guide.


Enter the printer’s IP address (a number that looks like or host name (for example,


Click the Protocol pop-up menu, then choose a printing protocol your printer supports:

  • HP Jetdirect Socket - Use this to print to an HP and many other printer manufacturers.

  • Line Printer Daemon - LPD:  - Use this for printing to the Toshiba copiers and some older printers and print servers.

  • Internet Printing Protocol - IPP: Modern printers and print servers use this protocol.


If your printer requires it, enter the queue name for your printer.  Otherwise, leave it blank.


This is what you will see in your printer list so you want to enter a descriptive name for the printer (for example, Color Laser Printer), so you can identify it in the Printer pop-up menu.


Enter the printer’s location (for example, “outside my office”), so you can identify it in the Printer pop-up menu.


If this pop-up menu doesn’t display the appropriate software for the printer, choose Select Printer Software, then select your printer in the Printer Software list.

If that list doesn’t include your printer, try downloading and installing the printer software (also called a printer driver) from the printer manufacturer. You can also try choosing generic printer software from the pop-up menu.